Ecobee and ct-100 thermostats buttons disappeared

Okay, strangness. I updated from a Samsung note 9 to a samsung note 10. No problems with smartthings - almost everything works on the note 10 EXCEPT my three thermostats (1 ecobee and 2 ct-100’s I believe).

When I click on any of the thermostats, same results. They show the current temp up top, what the heat is set to, what the cool is set to and the “idle” button. But nothing else. When I open the smartthings app on my note 9, everything works… ideas/

Here is a fix for you:

Thanks. So the update broke it! Thanks - will go back to version 2.17…

I believe that 2.18.1 is out which fixes the issues, but if it doesn’t please report it to

Nope, current version has the problem. Contacted support. Solution 1 was to use new smartthings app (that app does not work for me, does not see all devices) and solution 2, which I have not tried yet, was them telling me to remove all three thermostats ( two brands) and re-add them. Not sure if that will fix anything, but will try it.

I verified I have the latest version of the classic app, uninstalled reinstalled both thermostats, same problem.

You need to revert to the Android v2.17 of the ST classic mobile app with the link I posted above :

Perfect, thank you!