Ecobee 3. I'm new :)

Hi. I’m new to ST and have been reading about Ecobee 3. I’m not clear as to whether it’s compatible with ST. It looks like it works but requires some
Additional code? I’m sorry I’m just not a developer and need some help. Thanks!!!

Welcome to the forums! Ecobee is in “SmartThings Lab” status. That means SmartThings is working on an official integration, but it’s still in Beta.

Meanwhile @yvesracine is a community member who has contributed a lot of custom code to improve the integration. So there are people using Ecobee with SmartThings, but it’s not a completely smooth integration yet.

Before jumping over to the Ecobee topic, take a look at this for an overview of how custom code works with SmartThings:

And here are Yves’ topics on the Ecobee. The first is for basic functionality.

This one is specific to using the ecobee zone sensors:

Thanks JD. It’s funny, I was just reading some from his post. Regarding SmartLabs, is there a beta that users can run for Ecobee 3? I know I have a lot to learn so sorry for the newbie type questions.

i’m sorry, I don’t know its current status, most people seem to be using Yves’ code. I don’t have the Ecobee myself. Hopefully some people who do have the Ecobee will chime in. :blush:

Thanks a ton! I have the Ecobee 3 coming and i’m sure it’ll work pretty good until it’s officially supported. Sounds like Nest is wifi only as well, right?

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by “nest is WiFi only.” Nest uses its own communication protocol, Thread, which is not used by SmartThings. However, there is a cloud to cloud option similar to the one with Ecobee, so there are some community members using it. The Honeywell zwave thermostat is also popular. See:

Thank you very much for your help JD!