Ecobee 3 going offline

I’m a big fan of Ecobee’s as a consumer and back in the days of ST/Groovy I could write simple automations against the devices which was great. I recently ran into a situation where my Ecobee(s) go offline due to our AC unit outflow backing up and shutting down the AC unit which kills power to the Ecobee. The problem is there’s no indicator that the Ecobee has gone offline and I’m left in the dark. Ecobee cloud knows it went offline but doesn’t offer an alert for that scenario, which is frustrating.

From a development perspective, does anyone know if the Ecobee device status (connected, disconnected) is exposed? If so, I could write a very simple rule that states if the Ecobee device goes offline (or is otherwise not responding), send an email alert. Thats all I need.

Expecting that maybe this is not possible since the Ecobee loses power when the AC UNIT shuts off, I could alternatively try to write a logging routine of say the temperature value every 10 minutes. Then Asynchronously check to see if log entries stop which would indicate that the Ecobee has gone offline.

I’ve done almost nothing so far to understand the new architecture using Lua, etc. so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d love to write a custom handler to solve for this situation.