Ecobee, 2gig, and ST


I just installed ecobee4 and i’d like to have it trigger the “away” comfort mode when i arm my system.

I have a virtual switch connected with IFTTT from ST to ecobee to switch the comfort setting i just need to figure out how to get it from 2gig into IFTTT or ST

I dont really want to link the controllers if i dont have to …

There’s no direct integration that I know of. There are some people who use IFTTT as a “man in the middle” by having the send a message to a Gmail account and then having IFTTT react to that Gmail. It’s sort of a long way around and there might be a lag of as much as 15 minutes, but when changing a thermostat that is usually less of an issue than when turning on lights. So it might be something to look into.

Here’s an example of how someone is doing something similar with nest:

hmm that could work. Any thoughts on how to “recover” the house before getting home so its comfortable on arrival back home?

Currently i made a virtual switch that when on IFTTT turns into “away” on ecobee and when “off” it switches back to “home”

I could i guess in theory have the gmail trigger the switch and then just trigger the switch from ST or ActionTiles the other way?

Yes, you should be able to have it go either way. You could even have turning the virtual switch on represent away and turning the virtual switch off represent home. if that fit your requirements. So then it’s a question of what would trigger the “on the way home” IF.

You could use life 360 for some common situations, like leaving the office, but not for all.