EchoSpeaks Routine using SmartThings (ST) Leak Sensor not Working

I’ve used Echo Speaks in quite a few automatons and it has worked flawlessly to this point. I set up a simple routine that is to trigger when water is detected by my ST leak sensor, The intent of the routine is to for Echo Speaks (ES) announce on all my Echo Dots, (using the “Custom Response Designer”) to repeat at certain intervals until the state of the sensor is determined to be “dry”. The strange thing is that when I first setup the routine it ran reliably several times. Now the routine will not trigger even though I have confirmed that the sensor is working reliably. The leak sensor instantly registers as “wet” when it comes in contact with water and returns to “dry” when it towel it dry. I am close to pulling my hair out here trying to figure out why the routine stopped working. Does anyone have guidance to offer me on this matter? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Oh, I am using the ST Classic App and yes I have the most up-to-date ES version ( v3.6.2.0) and server (v2.4.1)

I am withdrawing this issue as the routine in now working. Not sure why. The only thing I did was to pause the old action and I duplicated the action. Subsequent to that the action then worked as it did previously. Go figure??