Echosistant update

(Paul Travis) #1

just tried the total re-install of echosistant and get to the end and get the "remote endpoint message " so i check my shard and mine is none of those on the instructions access denied on all 3 , i am in UK

var url= ‘’ + STappID + ‘/’ ;

Help please

(Bobby) #2

Mind me asking what prompted you to make such a nuclear decision?

@bamarayne may be able to help with the shard link… he has helped several Brexiters

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #3

Take out :443

That should do it… I think

(Paul Travis) #4

Please dont tell i didnt have to :persevere:
I’m sure i read that to update you must start from fresh…

(Bobby) #5

It depends when you last updated… If it was last year, and you just updated to v4, then yes, but for regular v4 updates, you didn’t have to. As a rule of thumb, regular updates for a version do not require a complete reinstall. We are considerate of people’s time and may require a reinstall only when we release new versions.