EchoSistant - Lambda Acces Token not Defined

I have been trying to install EchoSistant for several hours now. I’m stuck on the Token Token / Lambda Function (Point 6):


XXXXXXXX 23:49:57 CEST: error Access Token not defined. OAuth may not be enabled. Go to the SmartApp IDE settings to enable OAuth.

XXXXXX 23:48:25 CEST: trace
LAMBDA CREDENTIALS (copy/paste in Lambda code (between the breaks):

var STappID = 'XXXXXXXX’
var STtoken = 'null’
var url= ‘’ + STappID + ‘/’ ;

Am I doing something wrong?

@bamarayne Jason, I know you have more experience with EU…can you help?

Yep! hey there!

Go in the SmartThings IDE. Click on My Smartapps at the top.
Click on EchoSistant
When that opens, click on App Settings
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on OAuth
Click enable and then update.
Go back to My Smartapps. Click on EchoSistant again.
Click Save and then Publish for me.
Click on Live Logging at the top

Get on your phone, open the smartthings mobile app
open EchoSistant
Close echosistant.

everything should be in your logs now

Capture and document his error: those are things I want to consolidate into the troubleshooting portion of the docs. This one may already be in there, but grab it none the less. :slight_smile:


Also is it possible to assign a unique error code # to all errors that get logged within all the code? This would add so much value to having a glossary in the docs so they can simply look up the error number and know what they need to perform to resolve an issue or where to go.

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Like ES112 - then the actual error. ES113 so on and so forth

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now that is a great idea…

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And lol, can we merge this new thread back into the ES thread topic so we don’t have multiple places to search? Lol

Thanks! it’s work!