Echo Voice prompt question using Alexa or ADTs smarthub?

Is it possible to program your SmartThings ADT hub to say for instance “Front Door Open” ?
Among other voice prompts. Can this be done using a trigger for Alexa to announce it ? Or the adt hub ?


The SmartThings ADT hub has this feature built-in but only for the ADT/smartthings dual logo sensors. You get a choice of a number of different possible sounds, including a voice announcement, a chime, a warning beep, etc. The sound plays on the ADT panel itself. I believe this works even if the Internet is down as it is one of the ADT features but someone else would have to confirm that.

Otherwise, you can use echo and trigger a custom announcement on any specified echo devices that you have for any event that smartthings can recognize. This works with any smartthings hub. :sunglasses:The only trick is that at the present time, you have to make it work by falling echo into thinking that a sensor opened. But that’s quite easy to do.

See the following community FAQ (this is a clickable link)

However, the echo option requires that you have an active connection to the Internet.

Thanks for your fast reply.
Where do you go in the adt hub to change these settings ? I have the dual logo unit. It’s the ADT/Samsung SmartThings branded one.

It’s in the “security settings“ for each sensor.

Thanks, in the app it doesn’t show that it’s even a button. Now I see the options were it’s full of preset locations, names of an area, and type of sensor.
However; when I look under my self monitored devices, it falls short on one of my door sensors. :thinking:
In the hub and SmartThings app it’s connected and the tests work.
So far, I connected one smoke alarm, and 2 door sensors. I have a motion sensor and one more smoke alarm to setup.

And it’s an ADT/smartthings dual logo sensor? Those are the only ones that work with the ADT panel options.

If it is, and it’s not showing up, you may just have to get in touch with support.