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Echo Speaks Examples


you can try something like this

(Mainak M) #84

You would create global variables on the top right of your EDIT piston page. image

These variables can be then used by any piston. Do remember that before the piston runs, the piston will take a snapshot of the current values. Then you can set the values to 1 within the task (see attached).

In another piston, set the variables to 0 when you or your wife leaves. Hope this helps.

The advantage of using global variables is that you could use this for other pistons that you might only want to run once.

(Steve Phillips) #85

I have been trying to figure this out. Thanks much. At the moment I have several of these type pistons set for a different greeting depending on who’s home, who’s not home and who’s arriving. I think with global variables, I could build it all into one piston. Thanks again.

(Steve Phillips) #86

Definitely will try this until I get the global variable thing figured out. Thanks


What is the use case for this out if curiosity?


Are you using level or volume as the action?

(Harrison Hughes ) #89

Hi just got into smartthings and got a V3 bridge and set it up with the new app! i would love to use webcore but i cant find my registration code? Where can i find it

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #90

I honestly do not know if WebCore works with the new app. I do recommend that you find and install the classic app, it’s a much better experience.

When you open Webcore in the app look for the “Register a new Browser” button. Click on it and it will open with a code. Just use that code to register your browser on the dashboard and you are good to go.

Also, take a look at the Webcore community. Everyone over there is just as awesome as they are here… and that’s where the real webcore guru’s hang out.

(Harrison Hughes ) #91

Super simple but very effective When ring doorbell button is pushed All my echos say SOMEONE IS AT THE FRONTDOOR.

(Mainak M) #92

Quick question, doesn’t Alexa do this automatically with Ring? Reason I ask is I have the best doorbell and it announces on Google home. I also have a similar Piston to announce on my echo dots from the nest.

(Harrison Hughes ) #93

Sadly not in the UK

(Daniel Subotic) #94

Hey guys, so sorry for the following noob question but how do I even begin to add these codes you are showing here? I have ST but can’t find any place to insert this?
Again I’m totally new at this :slight_smile:

(Mainak M) #95

So you have webcore installed? If not, then follow the steps here

Once you have it installed, then just click on add a new Piston, Piston from recovery code and voila.

(Daniel Subotic) #96

No I don’t, I’ll install that , Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok so the piston from the recovery code is the “To import this piston, use the import code below”?

(Mainak M) #97

That’s the one.

(Daniel Subotic) #98

Cheers buddy :slight_smile:

(Jason) #99

The text you want to be spoken needs to be wrapped in quotes. Or braces and quotes.
Like: setVolumeAndSpeak (80, ‘{“Alert alert, someone is trying to get into the booze”}’)

(Brian Salyer) #100

Thanks. For some reason I had to uninstall everything, but install via GitHub instead of the installer. I am good now.



How did you go about doing this and is there any delay? Could you share your Piston please?

(Mainak M) #102

It’s not a piston per se, but I use tasker to read nest notifications and based on who is at the door, make an external web core call to echo speaks.

I have one Piston per person for whom I want echo to announce, then call the url from tasker. The url can be found under Quick Facts for the Piston.