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Echo Speaks Examples


I haven’t searched “other” providers yet, only native Amazon, and there is an inherent problem with this approach…

If you are streaming ANY Amazon native streams to any other device, trying to also play a beep/ding/sound byte from Amazon will not work because you run into that dreaded “already playing on another device” issue. Annoying to say the least.


(Glen King) #64

If your trash goes only Tuesdays and Fridays, then you can ignore all the Monday holidays: Columbus, Presidents, Veterans (observed), Labor, Memorial, MLK, etc as well as Thanksgiving. You only have to concern yourself with Xmas, NewYears, and July4.

Should allow you to significantly simplify the piston.

(Denis) #65

Very nice. Interesting results. I cannot get it to announce it Has been open for …

Yet when I close the door, I get the Garage Door just closed…

Any ideas ?

(Ron Talley) #66

Yeah, I see that. Interesting enough, I just listened to Alexa tell me that the mailbox just opened and it did have a ding before the announcement. This is from a Routine in the Alexa App…

(Darc Ranger) #67

Change the variables:
dayofA, dayofB for day of pickup notification.
dayBeforeA, dayBeforeB for night before pickup alert.

(Shane) #68

Thank you for making this much easier for us WebCore NOOBS!

(Eric) #69

Playing around with a piston to warn my son when it’s almost bedtime. I’m glad I threw in the SETVOLUMESPEAKANDRESTORE command, because I saw in the Alexa history that he told Alexa to turn down the volume, lol.

On the last two warnings, his Philips Hue lights flash as well. I could probably simply this with a lot of variables, but I wanted to make sure it worked first (I also sent the commands to my computer speaker and lights so I could see the same effect)

(Shane) #70

Love it! Thanks for sharing

(David Evans) #71

Afternoon all.

I am loving this app. I have got full functionality when requesting Echos / Dots & Fire Tablets to Send TTS.

I can get Weather, Flash briefing etc. I just cannot get it to play music or search and play a radio station.

I have had some success in playing music from my amazon music library (ie CD’s I bought in the past).

I really want to program the Radio to come on when i walk into the Kitchen in the morning. I anyone else having these problems?

I am attempting to use the advise here but having no joy.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issues??

searchMusic(String searchPhrase, String providerId)

  • Used to play music from the desired music provider
  • Accepted Parameters:
  • SearchPhrase (String): “thriller” * providerId (String): “AMAZON_MUSIC”
  • Example Usage: searchMusic(“thriller”, “AMAZON_MUSIC”)


  • Used to search and play music from Amazon Music
  • Accepted Parameters:
  • SearchPhrase (String): “thriller”
  • Example Usage: searchAmazon(“thriller”)


  • Used to search and play music from Pandora Music
  • Accepted Parameters:
  • SearchPhrase (String): “thriller”
  • Example Usage: searchPandora(“thriller”)


  • Used to search and play music from iHeartRadio
  • Accepted Parameters:
  • SearchPhrase (String): “thriller”
  • Example Usage: searchIheart(“thriller”)


  • Used to search and play music from Spotify Music
  • Accepted Parameters:
  • SearchPhrase (String): “thriller”
  • Example Usage: searchSpotify(“thriller”)


  • Used to search and play music from TuneIn Radio
  • Accepted Parameters:

(Shane) #72

Is this working for you? I seem to be getting a number of errors and not sure what to fix?

(Darc Ranger) #73

@zosobao, you could try to use “send device notification” instead of the speak commands. It beeps before speaking.


Is Monday or Sunday 1?

(Darc Ranger) #75

1 is Monday.

0=Sunday, 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3=Wednesday, 4=Thursday, 5=Friday, 6=Saturday


Thanks! Will give that a shot.

(Brian Salyer) #77

I have this piston and my four dots/echos are not engaging to speak the text. I am on 2.0.5 and 2.0.1 on Heroku. thoughts?

(Brian Salyer) #78

I have tried to change the command to the setVolumeandSpeakRestore and that did not help. I try simple pistons with a basic speak and that does not help. I can’t figure out what is preventing them from talking.

(Steve Phillips) #79

I have created several pistons like this to offer “Welcome home greetings”. I set the time present at 5 minutes to allow time for things like checking the mail. The pistons all work flawlessly except for when we are bringing in groceries. Every time the door is closed and then opened inside the 5 minute time window, the piston repeats itself. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to have the piston only run once per arrival. Any ideas?

(Mainak M) #80

You could use a variable for this. When you are away then the variable is set to zero, and 1 when you are back. Add a restriction to only execute it if variable is zero and set to 1 after your tasks execute.

You can also set variables such as this with a another Piston, but the variable should be a global and not local to the Piston.

(Lynn Brittain) #81

I love this one, thanks for posting

(Steve Phillips) #82

If you don’t mind, can you give me direction on how to set the presence senors as a global variable. I have used some local variables in the past, but no global yet.