Echo Speaks Examples

(Richard Bryant) #42

Try this for your speak Expression statement to also get the current forecast

replace(‘The time is ‘$time’. The current weather is ’ $weather.conditions.current_observation.temp_f ’ degrees and ’ $ ‘. It feels like ’ $weather.conditions.current_observation.feelslike_f ’ degrees. Current forecast is ’ $weather.forecast.forecast.txt_forecast.forecastday.fcttext[0]’ Followed by ’ $weather.forecast.forecast.txt_forecast.forecastday.fcttext[1] ’ Followed by '$weather.forecast.forecast.txt_forecast.forecastday.fcttext[2],“F “,” degrees “,“F.”,” degrees.”," N “,” north “,” E “,” east “,” S “,” south “,” W “,” west “,” NNE “,” north, north east “,” NE “,” north east “,” SE “,” south east “,” SSE “,” south, south east “,” SW “,” south west ", " SSW “,” south, south west “,” NW “,” north west ", " NNW “,” north, north west ",’ WNW ‘,’ West north west ‘,’%’,’ percent ‘)


@bamarayne I had to add an Execute Piston to get my Echos to run the @ReceivedMsg. Works now very odd how your’s works without it.

Curious if it is possible to have the Echo change its volume if it is playing music. I dont see a webcore capability that says music playing so wondering how I would do this.

Use case - If Echo plays music (any streaming service) change the volume to 80%.

(Denis) #44

I’m looking for a way to have my Echos act as a Door Bell when a Button is pressed outside our door, play a Ding Dong sound. It is an Aqara button in my ST.

Problem I can’t find a way to have a DING DONG sound play… I have Amazon Music, Spotify Premium.

I can have play a song, using the Search - but even then it takes a while for the music to play - I would rather have it point direct to a Sound Effect… is that possible ?

Anyone with ideas ?

Thank you.

(Denis) #45

Guess not…

(Glen King) #46

Mine says “someone is at the door”.


I liked the dog barking idea, but I don’t have the premium spotify and that’s apparently the only way Alexa will allow it to be linked. Any alternative options?

(Shane) #48

This is extremely complex, but I absolutely love the idea! Since I am such an amateur at WebCore, if my trash goes out on Tuesdays and Fridays, would I just need to simply change the $dayofweek to 1 and 4? Thanks for any help!

Edit: Also, is there a way to slow down Alexa’s voice when you have her ‘speak’?

(Darc Ranger) #49

You are correct. For the Day before reminder event, change $dayofweek to 1and 4, (Monday and Thursday). The the after midnight/day of event reminder change $dayofweek to 2 and 5, (Tuesday and Friday).

There is no method for speed control of voice.

Also, I made a cleaner version for Trash Reminders for changing day of week in one place.

Night before and Morning of…

Morning of…

(BigSlade) #50

This is awesome, so if I only have trash picked up once I week I only need dayofA, right? I can delete all the dayofB references? Is there any way to have it too you about recycling every other week for the same day? For example I get trash picked up every Tuesday, but recycling is picked up every other week.

Also, I see that it checks every night at 8:09 and then resets the variable every night at midnight, but what times is the notification sent and spoken? Thanks in advance!

(Darc Ranger) #51

That should work. Announcement would be at 8:09, on dayofA days.

(BigSlade) #52

So if I want the announcement on Tuesday morning at 7 I would set dayofA to 2 and change 9:08pm to 7:00am?

(Darc Ranger) #53

Change the second Event with dayofA announcement at 12:05 AM to 7:00 AM.
The first event is the night before reminder dayBeforeA, which is the 8:09 PM reminder.
If you only want one the AM reminder you could remove the 8:09 PM Event reminder.

(BigSlade) #54

Thank you so much, this is going to be very helpful. Can’t tell you how many times I rush to put the trash out when I hear the trash truck. Would you have any idea how to modify to remind for trash and recycling every other week?

(Scott) #56

Here is a piston using echo-speaks which warns of a garage door left open at a selected interval.

(might be my fake name?) #57

Gives last TTS sent in piston state::::

(might be my fake name?) #58

Outputs last Radio station played in piston state:::

(Patrick Gormley) #59

Love this! where do you specify trash day?

(Shane) #60

Thanks, this is great. I did have a ton of errors after I imported it though. For example, no garage-openxtime variable was established and I get an “invalid double quote termination” on the speak portion?


Does anyone know how to do a simple “beep or ding or notification” sound prior to Alexa speaking? Two family members were startled when, from out of the blue, something started talking behind them.

(Ron Talley) #62

Just put a searchprovider command (sound effect), then a wait (x seconds) command before the speak command.

You should be able to find short little bleeps or whatever on your music provider.