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I just added Echo Speaks and I am not using webcore, just trying to use the Actions options and have the following Speach… Hi, the time now is (actual tiime) and the weather forecast is (weather forecast).

my problem is that for what I discovered till now, to be able to have the actual time said, I use the SPEAK action and put a “%time%” in the middle of the text but on the other way to have the weather report spoken I am using the ExecuteSequence actions an put a “,n weather” text in the middle.

So my question is how to have both in the same spoken sentence ?

Thanks for any help.


You should be able to use a speak command with a variable as one of the commands inside the ExecuteSequence. Something like:
volume::40, speak::Hi, the time now is %time%,weather, traffic

Can you share more specifics about exactly what you’re trying that’s not working, as in the actual command you’re using.

Edit: the double commas required for the ExecuteSequence command are getting stripped out by the forum software, but you should get the idea. You should also look at the EchoSpeaks documentation for the ExecuteSequence command if you haven’t already. It’s at the bottom of this page:

Hi, it seems that the %time% doesnt work with executesequence, see my files attached.

Any ideas?

So sorry, I saw webCoRE and misread thinking you were using it, but I can now clearly see you’re not using webCoRE. I don’t know if the ES app can do what you want on it’s own.

ok, so if I use webcore it would work ?

Will try to learn how to use it then.

I tried with webCore but it doesn[t work anyway, any clues ?

Is continues to say… percent time percent

here is my webCore code.

I’m not positive the text processor in ES supports the %% variables. It’s been a minute since i’ve worked on that part of the code.

If you are using %time% as a WebCore variable you would need to use it as an expression.

I will add support for these variables in a release i’m making tonight

I highly recommend using the builtin actions to accomplish this. They are pretty amazing. They even support executing WebCore Pistons


I tried using the buitin Action of Echo Speaks, but it didn´t work either, so that´s why I tried webCore.

if the builtin Actions come to work I would certainly use it.

Can you then give me an example of how to have the time and weather forecast said in the message ?


Ahh… Sorry i missed the weather part. It’s the one item I have not had time to add to Actions (Thanks for reminding me of that).

The %time% variable will work with any text input in actions. The text designer will show you all the available variables.

I will work on adding the weather to actions as soon as possible

Didn´t get it, I used the Weather in the “executesequence” command, and it worked.

My problem is using %time% in the same executesequence, I would like to have this:

volume::75, speak:: Hi, good morning the time now is %time%, weather

its a double commas in there after the “time”

In this executesequence command the weather part works fine, the problem is that it doesn´t say the actual time,it says “percent time percent” instead.

This happens in the built-in Actions “Execute Sequence” and the same way using webcore.

The format for system variables in webCoRE is $time rather than %time%. Datetime would be $now. There should be a list of all system variables with the correct format (and any local or global variables you’ve defined) on the main page for the piston down on the lower right side.

I use both. I have ceiling speakers throughout my house and an echo dot in nearly every room and Fire HD pads at key locations. So I generally play music/announcements/TV on my speakers using various commands to the echos to get things going. I use my echos/pads for announcements, notifications, welcome phrases and whatever else I want them to play or say. The combinations/options are endless…

And now that we can isolate the last echo spoken to, a whole new world of possibilities comes into play.


Here are some more examples of how you can use Echo Speaks!

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I grabbed your code and it works great but how do i stop the echo from speaking after the door has been closed?

Can EchoSpeaks control fire devices? Specifically set volumes? @bamarayne

I am trying to get a Sonos one to work with echo speaks but can’t get it to see the Sonos as a selectable device… I’m using the new app and v 3 hub. Any ideas?