Echo Speaks Examples

Here is my example. I just repeat the command after 69 sec (length of the audio).


Would be nice if there was a way to determine how long the audio was. Then you could play random dog barking noises. Perhaps pick a few samples, determine the time of each, and select them randomly?

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It’s available both through the Echo Speaks app and webCoRE. If you can’t see it in webCoRE then it’s possible you need to open the webCoRE smartapp, go to settings, click available devices, and then save all the way out to ensure the updated Echo Speaks DTH is being accessed by webCoRE.

You might have better luck searching whatever music services you have linked for dog barking sound effects though, as all of the amzn_sfx barking clips are very short (~1-1.5 seconds), and you’d need to set up some sort of do while loop randomly picking from the clips to string together 2-3 minutes of barking.

I think all of the amzn_sfx barking clips are only 1-1.5 seconds long, but the exact time is listed for each one in the link in the other thread. If you have your Alexa account linked to a music service like Amazon Music or Spotify, you should be able to use the app for that service to search for dog barking sound effects and see the length of each of them, and also see what wording would be needed to incorporate the one you prefer into a music command. There are a couple dog barking sound effect “songs” in the Amazon Music library that are 3+ minutes long. Don’t know offhand if they require a paid Amazon Music subscription or are available as part of the free one.


I’m trying to have Echo speaks set level on all my devices at a certain time but it doesn’t always trigger them. It’s pretty sporadic and sometimes sets the volume and sometimes doesn’t. Anyone else?

I have all (11) of mine set to go to specific levels every 24 hours via webCORE. You’re right, each of them don’t always go to their set volumes during those runs. I haven’t spent any time yet to see if it’s timing, or something else.

If you send that command to all devices at once they are getting rate limited by Amazon and dropped.

I send one command (one of four different volume levels) to each of the individual Echo devices and pad it with a (5) second delay between each command. Is that insufficient time to avoid rate limiting?

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That should work but not sure how reliable it would be.

Run the command twice.

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Was anyone able to play music from Deezer? Please help me.

Hi folks,

I’m a bit clueless with webCoRE. I dabble but struggle with even the simplest of things.

I’m trying to set my Echo devices to announce when the Ring Doorbell is pushed.

I want to use the setVolumeSpeakAndRestore command.

I have figured that I need to use Parameters, the first one is an Integer (I think this sets the volume level), the second a string containing the message.

When I tried it like that it did increase the volume and it did speak the message. However, the volume did not restore to level 4 (40%). I then figured that I might need to add another parameter, I did that and it did reduce the volume to 4 (40%).

But, is there a way to restore it to the previous level. Say I have music on at 60%, the message comes out at 80% - how do I get the volume back to 60% or 40% or whatever it was before? Not a fixed all the time by a third parameter.



Deezer is not one of the supported music services.


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You should be able to use a simple variable and capture the volume to that variable before the command, but unfortunately if there’s no audio playing it doesn’t always know what the volume is. You can try it and see if it’s reliable enough for you or not.

For a more reliable method you can create an integer variable for the volume, play some short and near silent audio clip before the speak command, capture the volume write it to the variable while that audio is playing, and then use the volume variable in the third parameter of the setVolumeSpeakAndRestore command.

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I’m more thinking about when music is already playing, I play flute and Irish whistle along to music in my study - thats why I need the notification - She Who Shall Not Be Named will interrupt the music and announce that there is someone at the door (I don’t always have my phone with me.

So, I guess that if music is already playing the echo will default back to that volume.


Can you please explain me how to play from cloud player? I mean how to make a piston with cloud player that echo can play

I believe that if you leave the third parameter blank it will automatically restore to the correct volume if there’s audio playing at the time the command goes through.

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Are we able to play a audio url yet, wasn’t able to get it working.

Is there a capability to use the motion sensor and light sensor on Echo devices with these sensors (Show 5, Show 8, Show v2, Spot, etc.) yet? Figured if it can trigger the screen to turn up, we should be able to get at it, but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

Edit: Also, when sending commands to echo speaks from webcore, do I need to have any sort of pause, or wait between them?:


Has anyone figured out a way so that when someone pushed on the Button of my Ring Doorbell, my Echo Show automatically shows the Ring Camera, rather having to ask Alexa to show me the camera?