Echo - SmartThings Integration in UK

I emailed Amazon support, what the hell I thought, about UK release, below is the answer I got, which was what I expected.


From your mail, I can understand that you wish to know when the Alexa products on Echo, tap, dot will be available to purchase in UK.

Amazon Tap and Echo Dot are currently only available to customers in the U.S. and will only dispatch to a U.S. address.

For the latest information about these devices, visit the product detail page:

We’ve made no announcement about the launch of these products in, so unfortunately we don’t know when they’ll be available here. However to serve you at my best, I’ve contacted the products group team to make sure that they are launched here soon, as many customers like you are very much interested.

An update from another thread :-

Doesn’t mention about non discovery of devices but fingers crossed!


Yayyy. Echo has for the first time found my Smartthings devices today. Anyone else?

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Likewise! It appears to be fixed

Good stuff. Let’s hope it stays that way

Hurrah! All sorted for me!

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Yes fixed for me too

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It is, however, doing what other have reported and making a ‘ding’ sound instead of “ok”. Can’t complain, though; I’m just happy it’s working.

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All good for me too again!

Thank you Amazon and/or SmartThings!

I am desperately trying to source an Echo, not having too much joy at the moment. Really don’t want to pay £250 off flea bay

Create an account on (I used my UK account/email address). Register with and have Amazon deliver it to the Florida address they provide I didn’t actually do that with mine as a mate was over in California for a few weeks, but I’m using the same ordering method for the Amazon Echo Dot.

That’s exactly what I plan to do in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I built one using an old Rasperberry Pi with a mic and also use the Roger app with the Alexa plug-in.

That lets me play with what an Echo can do, although I’m missing the magic ‘always listening’ functionality.

How did you create the Roger app with Alexa. (Could I have instructions please)

This explains the process:

Although you probably need an Echo or Raspberry Pi Echo setup for the app to recognise.

English Premier League teams are now available for the sports briefing. Not sure when this happened, but they weren’t when I first got my Echo.


What a shame mine will be relegated by the time I get one (Norwich) :frowning:


I’ll test the integration when I get back - walked into the amazon popup store and grabbed one over the weekend …

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@r4nd0m a popup store in the UK or Ireland?

Neither - Santa Clara California. …

Echo can now detect my devices but sometimes it sayes you cannot use this command with that device but the action is done. any ideas?