Echo - SmartThings Integration in UK

Amazing news!!! I just updated my 1st gen fire TV to OS 5 which I’m sure should have had Alexa, yet for some reason it’s not there. Hope they don’t use it as a tool to get people to buy the 4k box… Not had mine long :frowning: Good job I have the real Echo for now :wink:

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Brilliant news. My echo is now seeing 63 devices including 3 Sonos Play 1’s. Does anyone know how much integration Sonos has with SmartThings and Alexa?

Just a reminder for those that also have devices that can connect independently to echo, most commonly the Phillips hue bridge, that you will want each device to only connect once to echo. If you have it connected both through the Phillips hue bridge and through the SmartThings official integration, results will be unpredictable.

The most effective way to do this is to simply not authorize the Phillips hue bridge and its bulbs in the SmartThings/Echo integration, but leave it connected independently. Everything will still work just fine: you will be able to control the hue bulbs by voice with echo, and you will still be able to use all your other SmartThings rules with them.

If you do have a device connected twice to echo, delete The ones associated with smartthings from the alexa app , then open the echo smartapp inside the SmartThings Mobile app and remove the duplicated devices from the authorization list.

Then have echo discover new devices again and everything should be fine.

More information in the community FAQ.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve upgraded my Fire TV to the latest OS but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of Alexa.

Is this for real, the Echo now fully integrates with Smartthings UK?

I have an Smarthings hub due to arrive early next week, along with a gen 2 hue bridge and some bulbs etc, I also am awaiting delivery of an Echo from the US.

Cant wait to be able control all of my smartthings connected devices by voice!

How is the integration with a Harmony Hub, to control TV etc, does the Echo connect directly to that, or to it via the ST hub, or would it be via an IFTTT recipe?

Any limitations to any of the above or is it simply awesome? Once everything is in place can I simply say, Alexa turn living room light red? Alexa dim the kitchen lights, Alexa watch Sky Sports?

Seems very real, I now have my Fire TV connected to my UK v2. It had previously been connected to v1 US hub so glad to have it back again, and likely will also get an Echo

Personally I find the harmony the most used interface, but with IFTTT or Smartthings added in then you can trigger activities from Alexa

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How have you got your Fire TV working? Is it a 1st or 2nd gen?

2nd, but should work on 1st when it has 5.0.5

You need to have your Amazon content set as “U.S” Deregister the fire, and login again after you have given a US address (any)

I’ve got 5.0.5 but why does it need to be registered to a US Amazon account?

My UK one has Prime, so it seems strange that I need to set up a new US Account and register it to that and therefore lose my Prime features.

As Alexa isn’t launched outside the US. Yes if you use Prime then you’re stuffed / have to wait. The only workaround would be using a stick with a different Amazon account, or getting an echo

I thought Alexa was coming to the Fire TV in 5.0.5 regardless of where you were based or is that not the case?

I know the Amazon Echo is only available in the US (or if you get one shipped over) but Amazon have marketed the 5.0.5 update as including Alexa.

I switched today from UK location where it wasn’t, to US where it was. Am not aware of marketing but then I’m in the Netherlands… I don’t think Alexa has a passport!

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Quite right - seems to work when I change my location to US. Very frustrating.

Interestingly my IFTTT routines fire fine, so just need to work out whether it’s worth losing my prime content for voice commands. I’m guessing not just yet because there’s certain features IFTT can’t do just yet from what I’ve seen e.g. group devices.

For example, I want to say “Alexa, Trigger lights off…” and for all of my devices to turn off. At the minute it looks as though I can just control single devices.

Yes not aware of grouping when using Alexa directly with IFTTT… Grouping in the Alexa app is possible though

I can’t get prime UK content here, even with the DNS I was using so became an easy choice, I’m sure there are other DNS’s but i just wasn’t that bothered.

My Fire TV 1 also works the same now I have noticed it is on 5.0.5 too, well when I switched to US…

Can any of you lucky UK Echo owners able to post any vids of you interacting with it, via ST?

Anyone got a Harmony Hub too, so they can turn the TV off via the Alexa command?

Anyone got UK Spotify Premium working on it?

Etc etc?

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will do buddy. Is it possible for me to upload a video here?

Home from work and now echo is not working with SmartThings. Attempted to re-link with SmartThings but Alexa not discovering any devices. Anyone else having a similar issue?

I have literally just bought an Echo, arrived today at work, got it all working the app last night ready for returning home. Nothing worked so I cleared all devices and tried to readd and not discovering any devices. :frowning:

Same here. No smart things devices working. Deleted and ran discovery again and now it’s not finding any of them

Damn, hope it’s just a temporary glitch.