Echo routines not working

I cannot get complex routines to work on my Echo. I have one routine that works: it has “it’s bedtime” as the trigger, and it toggles a Wimo switch off/on again.

If I try to create routines that control multiple features/devices, they don’t work. For example, I have a routine that’s triggered with “Good morning”. It’s supposed to do these things:

  • Alexa says “Good morning”
  • Turn on a Hue light
  • Read my flash briefing

When I test the routine, only the Hue light responds. It’s the same when I test via the app or via voice command.

I’ve tried deleting and recreating the routine. I’ve tried creating routines with just an Alexa response or just the flash briefing as actions, but these don’t work either.

I’ve tried different trigger phrases and spellings (“GoodMorning”, “goodmorning”, “start my day” etc.).

I’ve tested the functionality independently, and Alexa has no problem with my flash briefing when I ask “what’s my flash briefing?”.

I’m in a shared household Amazon account with someone else. So I’ve made sure I’m in my account when I talk to the Echo. Still just crickets.

I did notice that the Alexa app reorders the actions before I create the routine. I add the actions in the order noted above, but by the time I go to create the routine, they’ve been reordered as follows:

  • Turn on Hue light
  • Say “Good morning”
  • Read Flash briefing

Not a clue what else might help shed some light and/or to try. Hoping someone here can help. Thanks.

Last few days Alexa routines do not work with my hue bulbs! I tried deleting hue skill & re-adding :slightly_frowning_face:

If you’re having problems with Alexa routines, not smartthings routines, your best bet is just to get in touch with Amazon support. I have always found them very helpful.

There is a “contact us“ on the left side of the following page that you can use: