Echo plus 2nd generation

Does anyone know if an echo plus 2nd generation can be added to smartthings and serve as a zigbee repeater for other zigbee devices that are on the smartthings mesh network? I understand the echo plus has it’s own zigbee hub capabilities but am not looking to add another network, rather just extend the existing one I use with smartthings as the hub. Thanks.

Don’t think so. However, a Zigbee plugin SmartPlug works great as a repeater. I have a bunch of Peanut Plugs and Iris Plugs all over the place.

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It cannot. The Zigbee profile that both echo plus and smartthings use only allows for one primary coordinator per network, so that is either The smartthings hub or the echo plus, but they cannot both be on the same Zigbee network.

IKEA makes a very inexpensive plug-in pocket socket which happens to be an excellent Zigbee repeater and works well with smartthings. $9.99 if bought directly from IKEA, and similar pricing in other countries. :sunglasses:

Thank you!

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