Echo keeps chaning my wemo connected amounts

So here is what is going on and i would love some help. I have 3 wemo wall plug ins attached to my echo. They are labeled under cabinet lights, under cabinet lights 2 and under cabinet lights 3. When I search for connected devices on the echo she find 6 wemo devices, and each of my above named wemos show under a wemo label and a smartthings label. I delete one of each leaving only 3 connected wemos. It will work for about an hour or two using the command alexa turn off under cabinet lights (I have them all under a group) however in about an hour I can use the same term and she will tell me she has found multiple devices with that name and I need to label them differently. Then when I open my app up all the ones i deleted come back up again. what is going on? How can I get those to stay off and keep her connected to only the 3 devices I want?? Any help would be great.

Do you have both Smartthings and the Wemos linked to the Echo if so you need to remove one. The echo has built in wemo support so it links to the wemos and to smartthings you will get duplicates.