Echo dot and Smartthings Help

(Ray Card) #1

My account is linked, everything is setup, but I cannot execute my routines. All my routines are locked or disabled… Does anyone know how to fix this?

(Jimmy) #2

You can’t execute routines that have locks or arming/disarming SHM in them.

(Ron Talley) #3

If you want those in the routine, then you have to create a virtual switch that arms/disarms SHM or locks/unlocks doors. Then use those switches in the routine.

(Ray Card) #4

I see, so if I make a new routine that should allow me to use the echo.

(Jimmy) #5

as long as it doesn’t have any locks or SHM.

(Rich) #6

Either remove the locks/doors and/or arm/disarm from the routine and it will work or as @rontalley said create a virtual switch to control locks/door/arm/disarm and add that virtual switch to the routine which will work also.