Echo doesn't connect with new hub

Trying to upgrade to the v3 hub and so far it’s been ok, except for some reason the echos dont seem to link up with the new hub. I’ve tried disabling the skills and enabling them again but no luck.All the devices are unresponsive, but as soon as I hook up the v3 everything seems fine

Do you have multiple locations or multiple hubs on your smartthings account? If so, that’s the problem. The link with several third-party integration’s, including echo and I FTTT, is at the account level. If you have more than one location or more than one hub it can just get random as to which ones the third-party integration can find.

I do, how do I delete them?, I have 2 on.each app

Right now I have a location for the v2 and v3 hub on both the new app and classic app. My goal is to use the classic app with the v3 hub. Whats the best way to get to this goal?

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I need to defer to @prjct92eh2 today on this. I am out of it today and in pain. Thank my doctor for the large number of stitches he subjected me to.


You can delete the location you don’t want with step #2 here

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