Echo devices connect outside of home to other echo

Can my echo device at home connect to my mom’s echo device in Long Island? For example, if I wanted to create a blueprint skill, can I then transfer the skill to my mom’s device so she can hear it?

This forum is for Samsung Smartthings products. I would post your question on some sort of Amazon echo website/forum

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I believe if the Device that is at your Mother’s home is registered to you then when you enable the skill, It applies to all of you devices including your Mother’s… so , yes, in this scenario, it would work.

If however the device is registered to your Mother, then no. She would need to create the skill herself.

There are other ways but you would need to sign up as an Alexa developer, create a skill and publish it so she would be able to enable it.

Hope this helps a bit.

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oh, ok, thanks