Echo Buttons: $3 off when you buy 4 (October 2019)

Echo buttons are back in stock, and there is a promotion for $3 off if you buy two 2 packs (so four buttons total). Use promo codeBUTTON2PK.

These $10 buttons can be used to trigger an Amazon routine (not a smartthings routine), but they do have to be paired via Bluetooth to a nearby echo device.

Have that echo routine turn on a virtual switch in smartthings, then trigger a smartthings automation from that virtual switch coming on and you have good smartthings integration. :wink:

I’m glad to see these back in stock, they are one of my favorite button devices.


Can you control the LED lights (colors, or on/off) in any way?

Maybe an Amazon routine when a sensor is detected, they turn on or change color?

FYI: if you have a (free) amazon business account the price is only $18.99, but the code doesn’t work.