Echo as the PA for my Sonos PA

This might be a bit complicated but I’m wondering if it’s possible. I would like to have the Echo respond to a Dutch voice from my Sonos speakers. So for example when I come home:

Sonos Voice (in Dutch): "How was your day? Would you like me to turn the lights on by Alexa?"
Me (in Dutch): ja
Echo: “Ok”, flips virtual switch triggering the lights and a response from Sonos Voice.
Sonos Voice (in Dutch): “Your lights are one”

So far so good i guess, but i want multiple questions from the Sonos voice for different events. Is it somehow possible to base the action from the virtual switch on the last sentence from the Sonos voice? Since the Echo is on it’s way from the States (to the Netherlands) i didn’t have a chance to do some testing, but I’m to curious to find out. :smile:

Hi Sander, how is echo working out for you, does it work? I’m in the netherlands as well and thinking of buying an echo. What does and what doesn’t work?

Hi Arjan, yes it’s awesome. I use it to control my Hue lights, Sonos and my Smartthinggs (us version) webservices like weather, scores etc don’t work. For weather there is a workaround using smartthings/Sonos

I have some doubts because i have the ST hub UK version. I’m reading all kinds problems regarding intergration with UK stuf. But I would realy like to have one as well. I also have sonos, hue and some fibaro stuff and soon Nest will come as well.