Eaton ZWave Switch not recognized by Bixby

I am using an Eaton ZWave Plus Wireless Switch with the new ST app and a Ver 2 Hub. The switch works without a problem until you try Bixby. Bixby does not recognize the successful integration of this switch in the ST app. Google AI Okay Google voice command does communicate but Bixby voice cannot “find” the switch.

Anyone else encounter this? My guess is that I will have to replace with an Aeotec or GE. Thanks.

Hey there! @danfelix, i’m sorry to hear that your having issues controlling on-boarded devices using Bixby voice.

I wanted to provide you with a link to this article that has some suggestions for issues with controlling devices using Bixby voice: Meross smart plug - #7 by SamsungZell.

I’d double check the recommendations from that article to see if the symptoms persist, you can also reach out to the support team for the New Bixby for additional recommendations for Bixby-related features.

The New Bixby Contact Info: 800-726-7864

I hope this message finds you well!


  1. Double-check your Smart Things Capsule. In SmartThings/Menu/Voice assistant Bixby is shown as Connected to SmartThings. I cannot find any “SmartThings Capsule” in the program. I have Version installed.

  2. Check your Device naming system that has been linked to Bixby by your SmartThings Capsule. If I ask Bixby “Show me my SmartThings Devices” it correctly lists all devices, including the two that Bixby cannot operate.

  3. The SmartThings App correctly shows and operates all devices but two of the devices cannot be operated by using Bixby Voice commands.

  4. Searching the Galaxy Store for the Bixby Basic Commands does not return any app so named from Samsung.

Capsules used to be in the app but I no longer see it used. It might have been replaced.

Thanks for the help.