Easy gas heater/fireplace integration?

I have a 512 square foot cabin that I can heat okay with an electric space heater when it’s above 50F, however when temps dip below that an electric heater isn’t enough. I’m curious if anyone can recommend a LPG heater/fireplace that can be easily integrated. Needs to have an electric igniter (no pilot, etc).

Anyone done this?

To answer my own question, I ended up getting a nice QuadraFire propane heater and wired it up to a battery powered CT100. It works okay, I can control it from my phone without any problems however the CT100 does seem to have some issues with regards to setting the temperature via modes and/or smart apps.

I remember reading on here a while back that someone wanted to control their gas fireplace with smarthings. Another member commented that it was a safety code violation or some such to that effect.

Well, that would surprise me since this particular furnace is designed to work with a standard wall thermostat! Anyway, so far so good with the CT100, it’s a little tricky but still IMO, the easiest way to go.