Easier way for smartthings to control ir devices?


I just can’t believe it that there is no easier way for smartthings to integrate with ir? Like control tv, air con n etc

Of course can buy additional device like z2ir n etc but not an easy integration.

Hope someone can share if they do it for dummy user like me :slight_smile:

The easiest way is to use the Logitech Harmony Hub integration. No custom code required. The harmony hub with the button remote list for about $ 150, but is often on sale at Amazon or Best Buy for about $99. it’s not a perfect integration because you have to work with the concept of harmony activities, but it does work for many things.


Another alternative is to get the same global cache unit featured in the article you linked to (by the way that article will only work for Vera, not SmartThings). Global cachet is a popular Wi-Fi to IR bridge. There are some community members using it was SmartThings, but that as you noted it’s not simple. That approach will require using a PC or Mac as an intermediary and some custom code. So it gives you more granular control then with the Harmony, but it’s harder to set up. Or you can use RoomieRemote ( a smartphone app with an annual fee, recently changed their name to Simple Control) to control the global cachet. Still somewhat more complicated than using Harmony.


A third alternative is to get a Z wave device that can broadcast IR and there are a couple of community members using one, the remotec HVAC ZXT120. It won’t require a laptop as a bridge, but it offers many fewer commands then either harmony or global cachet. So it just depends on the particular device you want to control. It’s most commonly used for a window air conditioner as it represents itself as a Zwave thermostat.

So there are at least three options that people are using. It just depends on the specific devices you want to control, and exactly what you want to do with them.

The Harmony works great for things like turn on the TV to ESPN while also turning down the lights. Or turning off the home theater devices while locking the door and turning off the lights as part of a good night routine. Where it gets tricky is the granular commands like adjusting the volume up and down. That’s where the Global Cache has the advantage.


I’m in the same boat… I really don’t want all of those extra wires and connectors to just blast an ir code to my A/C unit or TV especially when I got the home automation to make things simpler and easier.

That aside thank you for the detailed links to help JDRoberts!

Does anyone know anyone is currently developing an IR device that might work with smartthings other than the ZXT-120 or Harmony Hub?

This is so funny! I was searching how to control my iTach from my new SmartThings Hub since I’ve moved on past the Vera, and I stumbled on this thread where you linked my own tutorial! Yes, I blog at KinkeadTech.com. Small world.

Anyway, can anyone point to a community device for controlling the global cache iTach with SmartThings?


I see that citygrowsys has some ZigBee to IR Transmitters. Would need a device handler to work on ST. http://citygrowsys.com/ProductSearch.php?Series=CG102.

Unfortunately Just because something is zigbee, that doesn’t mean it can talk to SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

In this case, the citygrow system uses a manufacturer proprietary encoding which will not be compatible. ( this is common in China, by the way.)


See the FAQ for more about zigbee profiles:

Then maybe this Zigbee HA certified product from Schneider Electric?
Schneider Electric
IR converter can convert ZigBee control message to IR (Infrared) control key code to control AV and AC devices from mobile apps. IR key codes can also be learned from AV/AC device remote controller. IR converter can be powered by either DC or batteries. It can be mounted on the ceiling or put on a table.

That one would definitely be worth trying if you can find a place to buy it. :sunglasses: