Earth Day Specials April 22, 2019

Since these are all specials that are good for one day only, I thought rather than adding a thread for each we could just bundle them together here. Have fun! :sunglasses:

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Currant pocketsockets. WiFi. Official SmartThings Integration (Use new app).

This is a cool device. Two independently controlled sockets, each with energy monitoring. Regularly $59, today only it’s buy one get one free and they are marked down to $39 as well.

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IDevices 25% off everything.

Wi-Fi devices that also work with HomeKit. No official integration with SmartThings, but you can use their IFTTT channel. Note that their indoor outlet has two independently controlled sockets.

LG all in one washer/dryer unit on sale for $300 off. Works with their app for Alexa or Google Home Integration. No smartthings integration that I know of unless you can do something through Alexa. But I have the older model of this and really like it. You put dry dirty clothes in, you get dry clean clothes out. And you get a notification when the cycle is done. The cycle takes longer, but because you don’t have to transfer the clothes in the middle, you can run it overnight or while you go out.

Sale available at or Home Depot, I don’t know if anyone else has matched the price or not.

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Once added with the new app, does it populate in the Classic App and able to use webCoRE? $10/plug is not a bad deal at all.

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No idea, sorry. :disappointed_relieved:

Hey - Thanks for this…reading through the reviews people are saying this unit has two flaws. 1. The clothes don’t dry all the way and 2. There is a month that you have to deal with a plastic smell that permeates the clothes. Do/did you experience either of these?

The combo dryer would not fly in my home. Seems like it would take twice as long to do laundry…

Most people who say the clothes don’t dry all the way are people who just aren’t used to this style of dryer. These units are really commonly used in Europe. But people in the US don’t tend to be used to them.

This is a condensation dryer. The clothes coming out of the dryer don’t feel hot the way they do out of a vented dryer. You may even perceive them as being slightly damp although they don’t actually have excess moisture. By the time you finish folding them, they will feel dry again.

Though consumers often complain that clothes coming out of ventless dryers lack the warm, toasty feel they’re used to, that’s actually good news for your fabrics.
“Vented dryers have a history of overdrying, which is where the majority of fabric damage occurs,” Peebles said. “On the other hand, fabric tends to be cooler coming out of a ventless dryer, so consumers think it’s still wet even though the clothes are close to zero percent excess moisture.”

Two of us had previously used the European styles and so we never had an issue with the dryer.

As far as the smell, no, we didn’t experience that. We do typically use a fabric freshener, so I don’t know if that made a difference.


It doesn’t take twice as long. Typically the dry cycle is about 25% longer than a vented dryer, and remember you had zero time transferring between the washer and the dryer. But it just depends on your own household. One of my housemates Typically starts a load right before he goes to bed two or three times a week and it’s ready in the morning. You can’t do that with a two machine setup, obviously. So he perceives it as a timesaver. But again it just depends on your own routines. :sunglasses:


Similar amount of time for a single load…but when you have kids (especially in cloth diapers) and run 5-8 loads in a weekend, washing one load and drying another simultaneously is key. Obviously better planning to spread the loads out can make up for that, and being able to push the button and walk away makes that more plausible. Anyway, it’s nice to hear a positive in-person review on one of these, as we’d considered them in the past and went with a tower unit instead (apartment-style) that was not great. I’d definitely consider one if and when we have to replace the stacked units in our current house.


Well, to be honest we first switched for two reasons.

One) our laundry area is in a very narrow hallway right outside the bathroom and originally the two units facing towards the other wall and there was no room for the wheelchair. With the single unit, we turned it to face the other way and now there is lots of space.

Two) My service dog loved taking The clean dry clothes out of the dryer, but he hated taking the clean wet clothes out of the washer. He didn’t even want to stick his head in the unit. The combo unit took care of that issue. :dog:

This isn’t my dog, it’s one in England, but it’s the same behavior and this is a combo unit. ( except I would never let my dog near the laundry packets as they can be quite toxic.)


In my home, it takes about about 2 hours for the first load to wash then dry. After that the washer and dryer are both going at the same time so a load is ready for folding and putting away each hour.

How long does a complete cycle last for with the LG? (Wash and Dry)

I totally see your point as to the transfer time and the time the washer or dryer is just sitting there idled. We have, on average, 14 loads per week. Family of 5.

Guess where they fold the laundry?! :rofl:

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It weighs the load each time before it starts and then calculate the time based on that. I’d say a typical load for us is about three hours. Like I said, it just depends on how you tend to use it.

We don’t usually have a “laundry day” anymore. If we run one load each night, that’s seven loads a week. One of my housemates likes to get home from work, start a load, and then he goes out and it’s ready before he gets back home. Then the other housemates starts one when he’s ready to go to bed. And mine usually get done during the day. So I’d say we probably do about 15 loads a week, But it’s one load at a time done at different times of day.

Some people put a load in in the morning before they go to work, and then it’s ready when they get back. So you could do one then and one at bedtime and again do 14 loads in a week. Without ever having a “laundry day.“ :sunglasses:

The rhythm of it is more like doing dishes, I think.


These look great, I wish they would work on 5 GHz wireless networks. I was so tempted to buy a few but I really don’t want to enable my 2.4 GHz - I worked too hard* to go around having nothing running on that band :thinking:

*worked hard so I can pay for devices that only run on 5 GHz :slight_smile:

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Just curious - what pocket sockets work on 5GHz?

Leviton DW15P lets you choose between 2.4 and 5 GHz

Leviton claims this is “the very first smart plug-in device from a major manufacturer that supports 5GHz networks.”

I’m pretty sure that “major manufacturer“ verbiage is because there are a couple of Chinese Wi-Fi plugs that do, but I don’t remember reading about anything specific.

The older dimmer version of the plug doesn’t let you pick frequency, but it is on the official “works with smart things“ list and that’s a cloud to cloud integration, so I’m guessing this newer one will probably work as well if you have the new app.


My goodness, why did I spend time researching wi-fi plugs on 5Ghz and found only 2.4Ghz when I could have asked @JDRoberts

@jkp, not fair! I checked every major wi-fi plug to NOT find the answer… and ended up buying 5 more Iris Outlets … LOL