Early Xmas pressies 2019

Slightly off topic but Christmas came early for me this week. Anyone else treating themselves before the big day :wink:

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Why didn’t you just buy the new Dream Machine?

Best Buy is delivering a Samsung Q7 TV on Saturday. First new tv in 8 years. Merry Christmas to me! :christmas_tree: :gift: Not gonna lie, I’m somewhat excited to test the SmartThings integration.


Poor ole me is broke! Just spent 3k on dog surgery and treatment and more on the way.


I got a great deal on the Amazon Fire TV cube, which is supposed to arrive today. :sunglasses:. I’m really excited about this one, because unlike the regular fire TV unit, you can use voice to move the cursor around on the screen. Which is why it’s the model that is labeled “hands-free.“

Stacked 4 deals:

Black Friday sale, $20 off

Trade in credit for my old fire TV unit, another 20% off

Extra 10% Amazon card points (15% back in points instead of 5%)

99 cent amazon gift card ( “to buy a movie with”, but it applied immediately)

Free 3 month Sling TV subscription

Total unit price before tax: $71.99 ! .plus another $10.80 in Amazon points. Woo hoo! :heart_eyes:



Dream machine not available in the U.K. yet. Plus I’m a bit fed up of all in one devices. Although I’m confident it’ll work well considering who makes it I’m not confident enough to spend all that money on a gen1 device.

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Got exactly the same setup with the exception of the switch and the key … why… someone gave e a 24 port Unifi switch and i am just going to use the controller software on my ubuntu machine where i have installed HassIO also

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Woohoo! Got my new fire TV cube set up and it is, indeed, totally hands-free!

I had been having a problem with my previous fire TV unit because if I wanted to watch something where there were multiple results with the same title, like “Spiderman,” Alexa would respond, “This is what I found” and show two or three results on the screen. But then there was no way to select among them by voice, you had to use the buttons on the physical remote. (Trust me, I spent a week working with Amazon support, and it isn’t possible with the model that I had.)

Also, now that there are so many different individual apps like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc. quite often a title would be available from more than one but there was no way to select the desired source hands-free on my old fire TV unit.

However, the new fire TV cube has added some additional voice commands, including “scroll“, “move,“ and “select.“ This makes it possible to move the cursor among the selections.


Amazon advertises the fire TV cube as “hands-free,“ but doesn’t really explain what that means.

Anyway, I’m very happy. :sunglasses:



this is epic mate, so happy for you. I can only empathise with you, it is absolutely fantastic that they have come out with a solution that works for you.

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With all the vet bills these past few weeks, I set my sights on one device to purchase. I noticed the price dropped thanksgiving evening and I thought I could wait until Friday to purchase it. Wrong! The price went back to full price. I snoozed and missed it. :frowning:

Mate that sucks. I thought the sales went through to Monday on most stuff.

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