Dynamic fuelstream (WebCoRE)

Hi, is it possible to create a piston, that dynamically inserts data to fuelstream whenever there is new data?

Like: Create variable of Device type. Add alot of (same) devices.
Whenever any of the device status changes, upload that device change to fuelstream.

Haven’t figured out to it but that would be very nice to do.

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Holy smokes! That is so brilliant. It works :slight_smile: Thank you so much @anon36505037


Alright so what does the fuelstream look like?

What is the goal here?

I have before used GroveStreams to collect my data and show it in graph.

With webCoRE I get that for free also now. And @anon36505037 just helped me getting the data so easily from SmartThings to Fuelstream.


I am intersted in seeing the stream you have setup. I get tracking things like humity, temperature, power consumption…

I am curious what you get out of fuel stream for switch status, levels, etc especially with multiple devices. I will have to try this myself of course, but not in a position to do so currently.

I haven’t even finished migrating my Core to Webcore yet, then I need to move more things and make backups for everything I have in SmartLighting, since it constantly corrupts and messes up my house…

Then I need to look into Fuel Streams and Tiles… trying to wrap my head around how / if I will use the tools…

I’m not sure this is the best place to mention this but all my Fuelstreams are gone. They’ve been working swimmingly for months. I know it’s a beta thing so I’m not freaking out, but just wondering what happened. They were very cool and very interesting to watch. Anyone else lose theirs?

Yeah, mine are all gone too. I believe Fuel Streams are going to be a paid feature due to the storage of the data so maybe @ady624 is getting it ready for primetime.

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That’s what I was thinking, but I thought I’d ask. All my beautiful data is now kaput! I’ll get over it. Thanks for the confirmation!

Will look into it - not supposed to be gone - when did it stop?

I can tell you it was ok in mid morning or so (California Time) and wasn’t there about 3:30 to 4PM today. I can’t say exactly. I have a message at the top saying I need to create a piston using the fuel stream task. I had a bunch. The pistons are still there and the devices are up.

The last time I looked at them was yesterday

Restarted the service, back up now, sorry for that

Don’t apologize! Thank you for all the features and hard work!

Yep, there they are. Thanks @ady624