Dynamic Disabling/Enabling of SHM


I had seen this post looking through some ideas earlier and wondered if it was possible to do the following.

I currently have SHM enabled between 12am and 5am when at home. What I’d like to be able to do is to disarm the SHM if there’s been movement upstairs between those times and then rearm when any of the downstairs sensors haven’t seen any activity for x minutes and there was recently activity upstairs. I keep triggering alerts when going down for a glass of water at night or need to get up earlier for whatever reason.

In a logical format I guess I’d like to see if something like this is possible:

Piston 1
between X time and Y time, if no movement on sensor 1,2,3 for x minutes and no movement on sensor 4 for y minutes enable SHM

Piston 2
If movement on sensor 4 between time x and time y, disable SHM.

Hope that makes sense!

I’ve come up with the following. Does this make sense?

Disable SHM

disable shm

Enable SHM

enable shm

Thanks for the advice. Based on what you’ve said I’ve now got this:

Enable SHM

enable shm2

Disable SHM

disable shm1

Seems to be functioning OK currently, though I’m thinking that if someone leaves before 5AM (i.e. doesn’t go back upstairs to trigger the arming) then the SHM will be disabled when ideally it should go back to being enabled. I’m assuming some other piston would be required to rearm in that scenario?

Exactly what I needed, thank you!

I’m still learning WebCore…but is there a reason why all that couldn’t just be in one single Piston? Couldn’t they just be different “If” statements in the same piston, and call it “SHM Night Motion” or something like that?