Duration Seconds parameter in Hue Connect app doesn't work

(Kai Hansen) #1

Hi All,

I’ve been playing with the Hue Connect apps, and one feature I’d like to use is to have some lights toggle on then off upon some sensor event. It looks like the app can handle this by setting the hue control to some event, then under “light effects” set the “duration seconds” parameter to however many seconds I want the lights to stay on. However, they never turn off within that time frame.

Is that what this param is even for? Does anyone else have it working in this fashion?

Also, it would be sweet to have the lights blink several times rather than just turning on/off once, and/or change colors.


(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

Try setting the duration for something greater thn 60 seconds.

(Kai Hansen) #3

hi scott,

no dice. set it to 61 seconds and 10 minutes later it’s still on.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #4

Hmmmm… I remember using this app (before creating a replacement for it) and it was working, but I was using it with a 5 minute duration (300 seconds) and also set the time between events to a similar period.

The app uses ‘runIn()’ for delays greater than 10 seconds, and my experience has been that runIn doesn’t like to be scheduled for periods under a minute or so.

(Kai Hansen) #5

Okay, when I set both of those params to 300 seconds it works. It’s not an ideal time frame, but it’ll do for my current purposes. The other problem is that the lights stay on, going to their previous color state. That’s fine if they were in fact on already, but I don’t want to keep them on in the middle of the day. More of a note to the SmartThings Labs peeps, unless you have a solution. :wink:

Thanks for the help, Scott.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #6

Well, this app was designed as a reminder… so it’s designed to change things up and then revert to how they were a short time later (the default is 10 seconds). Problem is that for durations between 11 seconds and a minute or so are not reliably scheduled with ‘runIn’.

Guessing you will need to modify the app to better suit your needs. What is your ideal time frame BTW? And have you any experience with the SmartThings IDE?

(Jonathan McGuire) #7

Is there anyway to fix this yet, I know there was a hue update recently but I still cannot get my bulbs to revert to the previous state after the notification (change to blue in my case) when a contact is open.