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As per subject. On a few occasions the ide has shown me that there are 1) a poor route for a device to hub or 2) lots of transmission errors to the device.
Both of these are clues that the path from device is sub optimal.
I’ve managed to detect this and correct it by doing a ZigBee mesh heal or by temporarily taking a device in the poor route offline.
Given the move to edge and the ultimate removal of the ide will there be any other tools to inspect the route for a device or look at the message error rates?

None so far. :disappointed_relieved:

We are trying to collect all questions of this type in the following thread to avoid too many duplicates. Yours has already been asked there, but, as I mentioned, no answer yet. (It’s also been asked a couple of times in the official “End of Groovy” announcement thread, but again, no answer yet.)

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers