[__Duplicate Thread__]

I suddenly lost all my buttons. Everything else seem to work fine. I have many different kinds of physical buttons that trigger Simulated Alexa Buttons that trigger IFTTT applets, and they have all stopped working. Everything else work fine including incoming IFTTT triggers to other devices. Both smartthings android apps works fine and I can’t see any indication of errors. Triggering the Alexa button from the apps don’t work either so I don’t believe there is a problem with the hub or the buttons.

Extra information is that I have 3 locations with 3 different hubs on the same account, only one can trigger IFTTT the other two have to go through an Alexa routine and they work fine too.

This might not be the right forum for technical problems, if so please tell me politely where to take this issue.

The Ifttt integration broke today. :disappointed_relieved: See the existing discussion thread:

IFTTT and webCoRE not working (25 Aug 2020)

You can report it to support through the official channels and hopefully they can update you when it’s fixed: