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So I have 5 contact sensors on doors in my home, and I have routines for each one. When the door opens, Alexa is triggered to say “X door has opened”. I recently disabled 2 of these for some construction work and when I tried to reenable them I got error message “there was a problem updating your routine”. I’ve tried most everything I can think of but same result, and I get that error when I try to create a routine for any of those sensors. The routines that I didn’t disable still work as intended, is this a new restriction from SmartThings to not allow Alexa routines for contact sensors?

I had the same problem until yesterday when a alexa app update fixed it

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Nothing to do with smartthings, it also affected other sensors like Phillips Hue through the Hue bridge.

This was a bug introduced by an Alexa app update a few days ago. They released a new update for iOS yesterday which fixed it. I’m not sure if they released an android fix yet or not.

See the existing active discussion:

Cannot save Alexa Routines

You should contact Amazon support if you’re still having problems with the feature.

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I spent over an hour on the phone to South Africa and they not only confirmed an app error but they rang me

My app had not updated, so I deleted and reinstalled and that did indeed fix the issue. I had done that initially but obviously before the fix was released so I hadn’t tried it again. Thanks all for the help!

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