Duplicate Smart Apps


I am new to this. After installing a couple of Wemo switches and 4 dlink cameras, now under “Home” and then “Smart Apps” I have 4 different “D-Link Connect” buttons and 4 different “Wemo Switches”.
I would like to consolidate that into one smart app button for each, if possible.

Appreciate any insight, thoughts, and please make it detailed and idiot proof :smile:


It is possible to do this… but only if it’s coded that way in the app itself.

For example, the Smart Lighting app allows you to create multiple automations within the single app… You see just one listing in the SmartApps, then if you hit the app it lists all the different automations you have within that app.

But again, this has to be coded into the app. As part as I know there is no way to group the smartapps that don’t have this natively coded it. Your best bet is to given them unique names to tell 'em apart.

For instance, I have 14 different installations of Power Allowance! I named each of them “PA [name of the device]”. This way when I’m looking through my list of apps if I need to change one, I just look for the PA entry with the device name.

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Thanks Chris! I appreciate the clarification :slight_smile: