Duplex wall switches

Does anyone make Alexa compatible duplex wall switches? Thanks

what is a duplex wall switch?

you know of duplex wall outlets? similar kinda thing.

Two switches that fit in one outlet cover. I guess duplex is not the right

Anyway, one large size wall plate covering two individual switches.

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When you say Alexa compatible, do you mean it can connect directly to the internet with wifi? Or z-wave/zigbee with a hub that integrates with Alexa (like smartthings)?

I mean if I tell Alexa to turn off whatever that switch manages, Alexa will
send a signal to the switch turning it off.

See the following discussion ( this is a clickable link) :

Note also that if you are willing to use smart lightbulbs, you have many more options. In that case, see the following list of button controllers that work with smart things.

It’s just that many of the button controllers are not load controlling themselves, so they work great with smart bulbs but if the bulbs are dumb bulbs you need to also add something to control the load, which brings us back to the previous link.

And the following topic might also be of interest:

I think I understand what you mean but I’m not sure you’re clear on what I’m asking.

Any switch that works with SmartThings is compatible with Alexa. That’s because ST is both a z-wave and zigbee controller, so a switch that uses or zigbee or z-wave wireless protocols can communicate with ST, and then ST communicates with Alexa.

A switch that communicates with your router using wifi, on the other hand, can integrate directly with Alexa. No hub required as an intermediary.

So are you looking for a double switch that works with ST (and ST works with Alexa)? Or a switch that works with Alexa?

I’m pretty sure you won’t have many (any?) options that integrate directly with Alexa, but see the link JD provided to get a better sense of what’s out there.

VGood point–I was assuming that since this is a SmartThings forum, the OP was primarily interested in a switch that works through the SmartThings/Alexa integration. There are a couple of other options, though, particularly in the Lutron Caseta line. :sunglasses:

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Reasonable assumption but we both know some people end up posting here with questions that are waaaay off topic. And the way the question was phrased, it wasn’t clear whether the OP understood the difference between direct Alexa integration with devices vs. ST-Alexa integration. :thinking:


In this forum, we quite often have to begin by asking additional questions because tiny details can affect the answers.

Just as an example, the specific model of smartthings hub that someone is using, the specific version of the SmartThings mobile app they are using, and the country that they live in can all lead to a different set of answers for the same question.

In addition, different people use different terminology for the same kind of device or use case. (Sometimes this is a matter of region.)

And sometimes people just starting out aren’t sure what details are important, and more experienced forum members may need to ask for additional information in order to get them the right answer.

In this forum we try to be helpful and welcoming, and we encourage participation. If that requires a few extra questions to get a conversation going, it’s usually worth the time.

So you’re right that answering a question with a question means that the second poster needs more information – – but that information may be essential to helping the first person.

Submitted with respect. :sunglasses:


I flagged that post because it was responding to a thread that hasn’t been active in over a year and appeared to serve no purpose except insulting me.

Talk about wasting people’s time.