Dual Nano and WallMote delays

Hello, I have SmartThings from about 4 years. And is working very good. First I start with Aeotec Switch 2nd Gen. and they still are working very good. So when I have to grow up. I decided to buy 5th Gen Dual Nano switches and WallMote Quad to manage some lights. But I’m very disappointed because both, have a lot of delays to turn on or off. I have reseted a lot of times my SmartThings but still working slow. 2 gen and Zeegbe works instantly. But when y try to turn on a light from the app or WallMote . Have a delays until 1 minute or more. Some times doesn’t work. One day I found the way to tweek WallMote to work direct with 5th gen switch, and works very good. So I think the problem is that that switches are slow because are working trough ST cloud, instead 2nd Gen switch and other zwave switches, that works local.

Anybody knows any process to change 5th gen switch dual and WallMote to work local?