Dual mode motion?

Is there a motion that can be 4 sec reset and no pet when home but pet immune and 2 minute reset when away and armed?

Yes this is possible, but you’ld need a custom devicetype with custom commands with the different device config settings and core, webcore or a custom app to execute the changes.

this make me happy i have been putting off core but looks like its time to dive in. i assume with core i cant use the stock stuff anymore?

also what motion sensors do i need to buy ? i really like one of the current one i have becuase it repods fast for lights but it needs a jumper to change the modes :frowning: and the battery lasts forever!!)

No… there are no default devicetypes that support what you want to do, so you’ll have to add custom commands o your custom devicetype. To trigger these custom commands you’ll need core or webcore

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That fine that really the only reason i have not done core because i would have to rebuild everything, not that i have ton to do. I think the webcore would be better for me i’m not really a coder.

do i need spectacle motion sensors that allow the core to change modes? if so witch ones? I have search around the web and cannot find anything on this maybe dual mode is no the right term?

Really any device that will allow you to set the motion sensitivity parameters via zwave or Zigbee, so most of them. You’ll have the use the manuals to looks up the device options and how to set them and code it into the device handler… I wish ya luck

kind of sound like noboy has done this before, if that is the case i have 0 chance of figureing this out on my own, I dont even know what motion sensor can do that to even begin to try, Ill just buy 2 motion sensors and call it a day. one ofr lights and one for security

Ecolink sensors have a built in Pet mode but that’s using a Jumper switch. They are VERY effective in detection pets.

Monoprice and ZooZ sensors on the other hand have a configurable sensitivity which are use, however it isn’t as effective as the Ecolink sensors. There are custom DTH’s for both these products (from RBoy Apps and others) which can be used to remotely configure the sensitivity. Monoprice has a minimum reset time of 1 minute where as the ZooZ latest version has a minimum reset time of 1 second

Do they have good battery life and reaction? Are the commands local with core?

I have a secondary goal to make as much as possible local because my slow internet slows down commands

Edit 8m using your lock software currently :grin:

No devices that are using custom DTH’s or third party apps run locally.