DTH to sync muliple lightify flex strip lights?

I currently have 2 sets of these strips set up. One under my kitchen cabinets and the othe lighting up my wine hutch in the dining room. Is there a way to synce these up so color is the same or if i start a color loop they match?

I’m not sure if there is anything specific for this. At one time a used something called Gardenspot Manager to control 2 sets of Osram Gardenspots. Maybe that would work if you could find it?

You could use core, and have any changes on one light strip sent to the other. There will be a delay. I use this method for my landscape garden spots.

Not sure if you could have a virtual strip and make your changes there and have that reflected to your actual strips?

Just tossing ideas, hopefully someone will answer and say. Just use this?

I just started working with core, I’m still fumbling through pistons and how they work but, when I have more time I’ll try to figure that out and see. I think I read about the garden spot one. I may actually buy those lights this spring when I start working on the outside. Thanks for the ideas though,

I have a few lightify strips that I used Trend Setter with to sync

Well if decide to give core a shot. Here is a screenshot of the piston I use for my Garben Spots.
You should be able to do something similar for your strips.

What dth are you using with your flex lights for this app?

I’m going to give that a shot. I also have a iris button that, when pushed, I want the undercabinetlights to go from whatever they are doing to seadyt and daylight white. I’m still trying to figure that one out. then on pushing button a second time, they revert to what they were doing before. This is all so if lights are looping and changing color and I need to work at counter, I can hit the button, changing everything to daylight white, then when done, i hit the same button again and lights revert to their previous state.

I would focus on one thing first then work your way up. Also if you go with core you might want to jump over to that thread for help. Those guys are MUCH better at it than I will ever be.

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Zigbee RGBW Bulb is the device device type handler I am using.
I think it found it by default.