DTH is about to go bye bye right?

So my question is what’s the difference from DTH and linked device. Another words if the device is linked to SmartThings do I still need the DTH??

DTHs were replaced by Edge Drivers.

Linked Services do not require DTHs or Edge drivers.

THANK YOU very much because I’m running a DTH for my Garadget Device I will delete that. The only thing I’m still running with a DTH is my GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat out in the Garage I’m using a R-Boy DTH for that

Linked services using the new architecture do not require edge drivers.

However, there are still a few left over from the old architecture which used a combination of a groovy smartapp and a custom DTH. They have to be replaced with new endpoint smartapps, so anyone who’s using one should get in touch with the source where they got the original from to find out what the update options are.

The original garadget integration was one of these. I don’t know what the replacement is, if any.

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Definitely don’t delete anything until you know what the replacement will be. You won’t be able to reinstall it. :disappointed_relieved:

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K. The Garadget is working fine. Now on to the GoControl Zwave Thermostat I need a driver to replace the RBoy DTH for it any suggestions.

What model GoControl? If its the GC-TBZ48 (fingerprint 014F-5436-5442), that is supported by the stock Zwave Thermostat driver.

 - id: "gocontrol"
    deviceLabel: GoControl Thermostat
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productId: 0x5436
    productType: 0x5442
    deviceProfileName: thermostat-no-humidity
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Yes that’s the type of GoControl Thermostat I have. I looked at it last night and noticed that they already migrated it over from DTH to edge so i missing some stuff on the info. BUT it is work for right now. The other problem im having got to messing with another virtual presence sensor because the DTH type went Bye Bye and I accidentally ended up deleted our presence sensor iPhone so now I have them put back in BUT my wife IPhone presence is working when she leaves but not when she come home. I can look in the new API and see that it is seeing her Not- Present and then come home it shows Present. So im at a loss of why Goodbye Works BUT I’m Back isn’t working.

Nevermind I figure it out Me not paying attention to the if clause for everybody and suppose to be anybody at home so that’s fixed. Sorry about that.