DSC Smoke Alarm - Wired & Wireless?

A little unrelated to ST, other than that I have my DSC panel hooked up to it, but I have a question about wireless DSC smoke alarms. My house currently has some wired 3 wire smoke alarms that dont have any alarm integration. Id like to replace them with something that works with DSC. I know I can buy a wireless battery operated sensor and have it hook into the DSC, but I feel like its a shame to waste the power that already exists at the location. My other option seems to be to just run new wires, but this wouldnt be an easy feat where they are located. Does anyone make a smoke alarm that is hard wired for power, but wireless for communication to the DSC panel?

It looks like the Nest Protect might do exactly what im after, except that it doesnt integrate with my DSC panel. But probably would work with ST

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