DSC -> EVL-3(4) -> Alarmserver -> Smartthings


Thanks for the reply. I was a bit lost at first, but it was really right in my face. I’m trying it now but i’m stuck on this step:

I don’t see the SmartApp to install on my Smartthings App ( old or new). Not sure if I’m missing something here or if this has something to do with it:

Have not done anything on the rpi yet before I finish the Smartapp section.

In case you might help, i’ll appreciate it.

Step 3 is to be done on your smartphone

Thanks for the Reply. i was afraid of that. The Smartapp is not showing on my smartphone which has the Smartthings app.

hey guys.

I’m using the fork of isriam (but can go with Xero/rToorch). I want to verify something with you guys:
Since I have migrated to the new smartthings apps (with STHM) I can’t control through app (old or new).

No logs are showing in the live log of api
Have you seen this issue?

Anyone know what we need to do to keep this integration going after all the ST platform changes that are about to happen?

It works just fine as is. (Evidence, my install - fully migrated, running and being automated with WebCoRE) The updates that will be needed include updating the DTH to use the CLI Custom UI Presentations when that part goes into production.

I just got migrated to the new app and it works, but my concern was related to the platform changes to come:

Based on Github, it appears this integration has not been updated in years so I was wondering whether there is a chance it is pretty much dead once the IDE as we know it is gone.

Depends on which repo you’re linked to - Xero / Rtorch have been doing work to update the version of Python as late as a couple months ago.

The thing you REALLY need to watch out for is when that we have a solution for the Groovy portions of the code before they retire the IDE. (At least 12 mo out AFAIK)

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I am using LXXero/DSCAlarm. Should I migrate to Xero / Rtorch version now and hope it will keep working as the ST platform evolves?

I’d login to the Newapp and see if it behaves for you as is. If not THEN see about upgrading. You can login to Newapp without breaking anything in Classic.

I think the only thing you REALLY need to keep it operational if you don’t already is the edit WAY back (I think it was @Xero’s edit) that made the panel device act with an on/off switch With that you can have basic arm/disarm functionality. Everything else is gravy. Someone will ultimately add the advanced UI elements (I saw someone already trying to already on the Honeywell branch, and they’re close) in short order so no need to go overhaul what you have if it works.

I’m using @rtorch and finally got the banner last week. Migration was fine except for having to change WebCore pistons to work around Execute Routines as they no longer exist.
I have been using the new app for quite a while and only using the old app for custom UI stuff like Keyes virtual minmote’s. I miss that but maybe something will replace that when the new app matures.

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I’ve migrated to rtorchia. Works now.

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I only use the integration to monitor open/closed status of the alarm monitored doors/windows so as to avoid adding more sensors. I’ll probably set up a new RPI using the Xero / Rtorch integration so I should be closer to the new integration when it is ready.

I’ve had the new app since it had the old name as it is by default on Samsung phones, and I also participated in the beta a while ago… but I still can’t stomach that app. With between 2 and 3 hundred things showing up in it, I get frustrated looking for what I need given the poor GUI… and this is just 1 of my pet peeves with it.

Smart Home Monitoring stopped syncing with this integration recently, both in Classic and Newapp. Not sure if others are having the same issue. I was hoping the @rtorch upgrade would fix this but it did not. As a workaround, I created 6 pistons in Webcore (2 for stay, 2 for away, 2 for disarm) to keep everything synced up. Not the most elegant solution but good enough for now. I can share details if anyone is interested.

@Xero, @rtorch, in case you haven’t been following the (huge mess) CLI Custom capability thread, @philh30 seems to be down the right path with the custom UI on the partition device on the Honeywell branch of AlarmServer: Custom Capability and CLI Developer Preview

May save you guys some time with the DSC branch as you consolidate the code and start looking at the UI updates.

I’ve attempted to read through the docs for moving the code to the new app with custom devices, but I’ve been very busy ever since I got back to my office working (I was off for 3 months due to covid shut downs). I’d really like to convert the code for use on the new ST app, but it is just a matter of finding time in my schedule.

Understandable, @philh30 is very active on the CLI thread and he’s using the partition device from the Honeywell branch to blaze the trail. At the rate he’s going he should have mowed down all the blockers by the time you get some free time. :slight_smile: He’s already got a few custom capabilities and basic UI that can do some of the Stay / Away / Disarm buttons if the CLI will stabilize and play nice… (That’s unfortunately the longest pole in the tent right now.)

@rtorch @Xero ,

@philh30 just posted his new version of the Honeywell partition device with the new presentations. Some “IP re-use” is probably in order: [RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration

Are any of the alarmserver builds compatible with syncing status between the new STHM and the actual panel?

I migrated today and ignoring the problems I’m facing the desycned devices that I have a separate case open with Samsung on, while I can arm and disarm the alarm usign the device on/off switch for the panel devices, there is no integration functioning with STHM.

Is this to be expected?

Becasue ST has not opened STHM to external automation, no solution will sync directly from STHM to the panel. You WILL have to have an intermediary solution. Most people are using the workaround on the ActionTiles site: https://support.actiontiles.com/knowledge-bases/8/articles/8170-how-to-use-new-smartthings-home-monitor-with-actiontiles

I then personally use WebCoRE to sync those switches and the panel / ActionTiles, etc.