DSC -> EVL-3(4) -> Alarmserver -> Smartthings

OK solved it,

sudo apt-get install python-pip

should be
sudo apt-get install python3-pip

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could you share your pistons? I’m curious how the ones I made compare to someone else’s that’s better at this stuff than I am

I don’t know if I’d use the word ‘better’

Assumptions: You are setup with the STHM / Switch workaround as described here:

Native Automations are handling bi-directional synchronization between the switches and STHM

For these - the relevant switches are:
Switch 59=Disarm VSwitch
Switch 58=Arm Stay VSwitch
Switch 57=Arm Away VSwitch
Switch 10=DSC Stay Panel

Other stuff you see in there are all incidentals…

First piston:
Synchronizes state to the DSC anytime the Security Switches change.

Second Piston:
Synchronizes Switches FROM a DSC state change

Third Piston (optional):
Syncs old SHM state to the switches. As long as Webcore still has access to the old state, if you set it from something like ActionTiles or a Groovy smartapp, it has the fun side effect of setting SHM! (This is the first thing to break - be ready to pull it out if it starts erroring out)

Yes I made them three separate pistons - I originally wanted to put this all in one, but ended up fighting recursion and racing conditions when items cascaded through the system. Splitting them out this way eliminated most of the recursion and wait states.


ah, very interesting… I’ve never seen the switch/case functionality in WC. I guess that’s a way of using conditions instead of triggers like “changes to”?

since i’m essentially self taught by reading and seeing other’s work, this is very helpful. thanks

It’s a trigger with multiple possible options and a default - none of the above option. MUCH cleaner than nested Ifs. you just have to know what the options are. Drove my wife nuts as I kept switching my system back and forth to make sure I had covered all the possible states.

I’ve done some some more work on updating the DTHs for the new app. Again, this is just a quick update and I’m leaving it in beta state until I can properly redo the code. I’ve updated the DSC Away and Stay panels, and now also update the flood, motion, and contact panels for the dashboard and detail view:

Again, you can find the code here, and it’s working for me. If you want to try out the code, then you manually have to update it in the DTH in the online IDE.

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Updated my contact and motion DTHs. I’ll report any issues.

I have updated the stay and away panel and motion and contact sensors. Currently I see the motion and contact sensors are OK, however on the stay and away panel I only see the off button, which does nothing.
Can you also clarify what are the functions in the “alarm type” section (off/siren/strobe)?

The buttons don’t do anything, but if an alarm for that partition goes off, it will be reflected in that area (it’s how the original was created). I personally don’t like the way it looks and want to change it, but for now, it works.

Regarding the Panels, if you don’t see the correct display,you may have to stop the ST app and clear the cache, and/or you may have to edit the device in the IDE by renaming the panel (you can then rename it back). This will cause the ST app to reload its cache.

Also, stop and restart the Alarmserver software.
Let me know if how it turns out.

Thanks @rtorch, renaming the device helped. I first tried deleting the cache and even reinstalled the smartthings app but that didn’t work

First and foremost, fantastic job with keeping this going. I just recently updated from the original smartapp and device handlers by LXXero to the current (rtorch) version. The transition was seamless with the exception of the following: The new STHM does not recognize my DSC wired smoke detectors. They show up fine in the devices list and I confirmed they are listed as smoke in alarmserver, but the Home Monitor says there’s no sensors… Any ideas?

No sensors at all or just no smokes?

All sensors, to include smoke sensors, are properly showing in devices and all can be used by various smartapps and routines. Its just the smoke sensors that don’t show up when you try and add them in the smartthings home monitor…

STHM says “You don’t have any smoke detectors. Try adding one”

I just placed an updated smoke DTH into the beta area on github. I don’t have any smoke detectors connected to my DSC panel so I can’t test it out.

I’ll check it out now. Will let you know…

But does STHM show any other sensors? The issue youre describing sounds like a known issue if its all sensors - you just uninstall STHM then reinstall it.

If its just smokes who knows the reinstall may help, but it also may not be necessary.

STHM shows all the other sensors (contact, motion, etc.), but not smoke… Tried to delete STHM via the ide website but its not listed under Locations > List Smartapps. Disregard, finally was able to delete STHM from the Smartthings app (took a few tries as it wouldn’t give me the option to do so) reinstall and now it recognizes smoke alarms…

Thanks for the help!


Good Pistons!