DSC Alarm and Smart Home Monitor Conflicts

I got the DSC Alarm and Alarmserver running with the help of @phiz118. Thanks!
I wanted to have arm and disarm on SmartTitles so I created 2 virtual buttons and mapped them to triggers in Rule Machine. Worked like a charm. Added Arm to my night and away rules; walked away whistling a happy tune.
Went to bed that night and the alarm didn’t turn on, hmmm. Next day I was looking at why and while looking at logs on the couch the system would arm randomly, usually every 5 or 10 minutes. After much head beating, redoing rules and switches, waithing alarmserver logs I realized that IP .77 was the culprit. Turns out Smarthings hub was issuing the command when sensors it was monitoring though we were away.
I checked in “DSC Integration”, the only place I know where SHM is mentioned and I had left it unticked.
As an experiment I ticked the box and all of a sudden my Arm and Disarm buttons in SmartTIles worked again, very strange.
So, the problem here is now I have to leave SHM integrated or the buttons won’t work anymore but I can’t figure out how to trick SHM into never wanting to arm the house by itself. I tried removing all the sensors except one contact switch and left it permanently open but SHM just waned me of an intrution and armed the system anyway.
Who knows how to have SHM running but take no actions?

DSC Integration doesn’t talk about SHM, however it does in DSC Command v2 (the smartapp I created). Are you wanting the SHM and your home alarm to not be integrated? If so, just say “No” in the DSC Command app where it asks “Integrate with Smart Monitor”. This will make your SHM completely independent from the DSC integration. If I didn’t understand exactly what you wanted to do, walk me through a scenario and I’ll see if I can add the functionality.

I actually wanted this feature because now my alarm is completely automated. When my wife and I both leave, I have a routine arm SHM which then also arms my alarm and monitors my motion sensors. I will get a notification of an Intrusion if detected. There is one thing you said that I might need to check. I’m not checking that all of the zones are closed before I send the arm command. I should be able to check that the systems ready before I send the arm command. I’ll add that to the list.

Sorry for the confusion, I meant DSC Commnad v2.
I’ll try to unmuddy the waters with what my problem is. When I first set up DSC all worked fine and the arm/disarm momentary’s for SmartTiles/Rule Machine worked. I had chosen No for SHM integration in Command v2.
Then they stopped working late that day and the only way to get them to work again was to say Yes to SHM in Command v2. However, when I did that SHM kept trying to set the alarm all the time while we were home.
If I must have the integration turned on for my momentary’s to work how do I stop SHM from taking any action and have it lay fallow?
I really don’t see the point of SHM except to get a notification?

PS I have been plying with SHM for a bit and even if I only tell it to monitor one contact and leave it open permanently, it just warns me it’s open and then arms(stay) the system anyway. Who wants to be home with the DSC alarm in Arm/Stay mode all the time? Every time some comes and goes or open a window I have 30 seconds to disarm the “real” alarm. Maybe the dev lives in a high crime area and doesn’t think about regular safe family areas where you trust everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

First, SHM doesn’t arm itself. You must have something automatically arming it. As I said, mine only arms/disarms when I leave and arrive and I set it up that way on purpose

Second, I’m not sure what button you setup or created, but I don’t know of any that currently work outside of the one I created. I have a feeling that a recent hub update broke Carlos’ alarm button code. I just added one to my github (https://github.com/phiz118/smartthings) that you can install. It’s called DSC Single Button. It works with SmartTiles just fine. It also doesn’t integrate with SHM (or my other app).

Third, why does your alarm system allow you to arm it when a zone is open? Does it do this on the physical panel? The physical panel on my alarm forces me to close all zones before it will arm itself.

SHM is a nice interface that helps integrate your physical alarm system with your Smartthings devices. For example, I have a DSC alarm, but my motion detectors are Smart Things. I can receive a notification if any of my motion sensors show motion while armed OR when my alarm goes off. You could also trigger any cameras to start recording or a physical alarm to start sounding.

I’m on a different planet so bring out the crayons :smile:
How do you tell SHM to arm and disarm when you leave and arrive? There is no integration with presence sensors or am I missing something basic? That’s why I have rules in Rule Machine to arm and disarm when we all come and go.
I was testing with a non-DSC contact so that would explain how the system was always ready when it was self arming.
I can tell you that with all my momentary’s removed and no rules in Rule Machine and SHM enabled (Security configured) in ST the damn thing keeps enabling my physical alarm system every few minutes. If I have integration enabled but unconfigure SHM then all is quite.
I have your switch installed and so far, with SHM unconfigured for Security and integration turned on all is quite.
Fingers crossed