Dryer Monitor Device SmartDry

I am just wondering if anyone has used this device. I just ordered it from amazon. I have a electric dryer and the vibration sensors and other methods have not yielded the best results. Hoping this will be the answer.

I like gadgets so I am embarrassed to say I just got one.

Seems to work.

My wife sets the timer on the dryer to 1 hour. Without this gadget the dryer would run for the full hour.

After 15 minutes it says everything is dry.

I go over and everything is dry.

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Thanks, I think I am going to order. Just not ready to buy a new dryer but excited to have this alert.

Is there anything like this for the washing machine?

So far so good, we get to shut dryer down 15 minutes early. No smartthings, ifttt or Google Assistant integration yet though, only Alexa and you have to ask it for status. So basically the app alerts you only.

I absolutely love this device. However, it’s smart but dumb. The only shortcomings I have had in the last 6 months are as follows:
Integration limited to Alexa push notification.
The Washing machine triggers false alerts.
Intermittently stop getting alerts.
Andriod - HMI is basic but has general information needed. Inside the settings, you can select the temps for dryness levels and delicate cycles, and Fahrenheit or celsius.
four alerts (push notifications)
Dryness (less dry, dry, very dry)
dryer stopped
delicate load
follow up alerts

IOS - HMI is very similar with some differences. On the home page, you have the same alerts with the exception of follow up alerts. In the IOS app Follow up alerts were moved to the settings page. Where it is also noted follow up use a 3-minute timer (not noted in Andriod). Replacing follow up alerts on the home page is timed dry alerts. You can manually specify the time, this feature is not available on android. The function of setting actual dryness temperature is removed on IOS settings.

I only hope that they combine the features of the two apps and open integration.

The same company is working on one for the washer.

This device DOES work with smartthings, I have it added. The integration is in beta, but you can contact smartdry to help set it up

How is the device in general? Does it do what they say? If so, it would be worth every penny. Even without ST integration.

Yes it does as advertised. I have not used the Alexa integration outside of setup because I’m working on pulling information I want from the notifications with tasker. The app interface is kind of lacking but :man_shrugging:t2: It functions very well.

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First impressions… WOW just saved me an additional 20 mins of drying that was unnecessary. Successfully integrated with SmartThings Connect, ST Classic and Home Assistant without issue.

Setup SmartDry to use the ST Classic SmartApps BigTalker and EchoSpeaks to verbally announce when the moisture sensor has changed to Dry “Excuse Me Sir, the laundry is now dry. Please let me know if I should stop the dryer?” Also used the same apps to verbally announce using the motion sensor “Excuse me sir, the dryer is now drying” when it is in motion and “Excuse me sir, the dryer has stopped, please check if the laundry meets your satisfaction.”

On my 3rd load of laundry today, they would have been running a lot longer without this sensor/notification system. Any smart plugs safe for a large appliance, would be great to trigger a shut off?

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I’m somewhat of a novice when it comes to much programming. I follow directions well though. What process did you go about to get the device setup in ST?

Thanks for sharing.

Here you go…

You’ll have to purchase the SmartDry first cause you’ll need the sensor ID and an email address to become a part of the BETA program if still available… I emailed them before my purchase using the information found on this page: http://www.laserlightsolutions.com/dolaundrysmarter.html

I have saved 10 - 15 mins of drying on each load of laundry. I think only one time did I manually set the dryer time properly myself and didn’t have need the SmartDry notification.