Dropcam Tabs

Not sure how these will work and why they require a Dropcam Pro but this might be why Dropcam hasn’t been very helpful to the SmartThings team.


I suspected something like this was coming, we’re entering a situation with home automation that i fear will results in dozens of companies having closed systems, and no desire to allow consumers to mix and match. Vote with your money for consumer choice!

Not sure but do you think tabs may be using Bluetooth? Dropcam Pro has Bluetooth, maybe other uses for Bluetooth besides setting up from iPhone app.

They use Bluetooth low energy. As with Korners, it seems to me it only tells of motion. In other words you never know for sure if the door, window or whatever is open or closed.

It must relay to dropcam pro. I would think since BTLE isn’t a mesh architecture the distances are limited.

This link tells more:

yup. Looks like we’ll have some issues on the dropbox end. All makes so much sense now.

Mentioned them on twitter, let’s see if they bite back: https://twitter.com/thegilbertchan/status/463764793795420160

I own a dropcam but I’ll drop them in a second if the right foscam or piper integration comes out.

Amen! There are so many other options that are Better, Cheaper, and/or More Versatile.
Better: The Foscams with pan & tilt heads. The outdoor Foscams with all of the LED lights
Cheaper: D-Link stuff, Belkin stuff,
More Versatile: Netgear VueZone, Piper
Too many options to deal with stupid Lock-in nonsense.