Driver for ADAX /Glamox smart wifi heat panels (radiator)

I have adax panel heaters controlled by wifi.
They have an API for smart home intigration.

There currently are intigration for home assisant, Homey , google home and others.

Adax is popular in europe and quite a few have theses heat panels.

Is there a possibility for someone to jump in and create a driver based on their open API?
Thanks, Josh

Won’t work unfortunately because SmartThings has unfortunately artificially restricted access only to the local lan for its edge drivers. It could be done if they allow drivers to access the internet. I’ve already given them suggestions on how to safely allow access to internet with user permissions so the ball is in their court now.

Adax works on the local LAN via wifi…

According to the documentation you require access to the Adax server for token management. This is a common thing even for other WiFi devices which are centrally authorized by the manufacturer. There could be a temporary hack using the Adax app to generate a token based on the docs but don’t know if it’ll work seamlessly.

Best bet is to send in a request to asking for the option to enable allow edge drivers to communicate with the internet. If enough folks ask….
Edge drivers have the ability to communicate, however they have disabled it until they can figure out a safe way to manage internet permissions.

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I would also suggest contacting adax as well ! They are responsive and communicative to feedback and in the past I’ve spoken directly to their devs about just this request. So even though they still haven’t implemented it is something I know has been under consideration by them. Maybe some more requests will help get them to implement natively.