Drip Irrigation Kit or DIY?

I don’t have an existing irrigation setup, and I’m investigating setting up a smartthings integrated drip irrigation.

Most of the solutions I’m seeing seem to piggy back on an existing controller, but I don’t see any obvious optkons: what do I need here? I’m assuming some system that relays an electrical signal into a mechanical on/off for the valve, but is there more than that?

I’d love any list of “ground up” drip irrigation setups that are smart things compatible. I’m not afraid of soldering or coding if it comes to that.


You can check the quick browse lists in the community created wiki in the project report section. There’s a list for irrigation and garden projects that might be of interest. :sunglasses:


I have a Rachio controller that I’m very pleased with.

Great! Can I ask what your total set up is? I.e. does the rachio actually have a faucet in it? Or is that a separate device with a splitter?

I do not have a Smart Controller and for the price, as long as it works I won’t.

I ran a separate water line from my basement with valves, drainage, anti-siphon, etc, I built my own manifold with 4 valves (zones).

If going with a sprinkler controller you need a sprinkler valve for each zone.

I’ve installed several for relatives and friends.