I’m liking the simulated contacts I’ve made in webcore. They allow me to use the ST Dashboard Favorites to monitor my windows all together, and then by room, to check open/closed status.

But it occurs to me that I really don’t need to view the status of windows that are closed.
I only need know, from a monitoring perspective, which particular windows are open.

So then. Is it possible, in SmartTiles/ActionTiles or perhaps in webcore tiles, to have drill-down capability? Such that the “all windows” icon would show as closed if that is true. And if it shows as ‘open’ you tap it…and the screen then displays only the names and status of the windows that are open.

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This request has come up once or twice before; so we’re definitely thinking about it. I’d love if you post it on our Feedback Forum so it can earn Votes and discussion: ActionTiles Forum / AT Support & Ideas

It is something that would be convenient to offer; but it is a non-trivial development: i.e., we need to provide a whole configuration page for this (select the real sensors that belong to each rolled-up one; drill down in the Panels, and back-end logic to keep them in sync…).

So in the meantime, this can be implemented via a Virtual Sensor(s); and then we’d suggest putting a Panel Shortcut next to it for the “drill down” into all your Sensors. WebCoRE or a custom SmartApp would be used on the SmartThings side to keep the Virtual Sensor’s status up to date.

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