Drayton wiser home thermostat

(John Denoon) #41

Hello folks. I’m looking to buy some trvs. I have been looking at wiser trv but need to know if it’s possible to connect these directly to ST (in UK with ST v2 hub) without using the wiser heat hub. I want to avoid another hub if possible. If not I may have to go for zwave trv such as LC-13. Any advice would be much appreciated. I currently have a zwave room stat and boiler controller but wanted to start using zigbee more as products seem much cheaper e.g Xiaomi Aqara

(mark) #42

Hi John, the wiser trv’s need the wiser hub as all control is done through the hub it’s self.

Regards Mark.

(Gabor Szabados) #43

I would change this statement after trying to connect any of the TRVs directly to your SmartThings Hub. If you check the description of the communication standard what Wiser uses, you might think, that is like Zigbee.
I’ve actually 7 TRVs and one thermostat, all connected to my SmartThings hub, directly without the Wiser hub.

I’ve never had a chance to connect the Wiser hub to my heating system. The system is generally over complicated, so no chance to replace the current controller. I’ve tried to pair one of the TRVs to my SmartThings hub, and it did show up. I have never tried the TRVs with the Wiser hub, so they are on the same firmware, as they came out of the box. Probably I miss some features of the Wiser system, but I can so far live with that. I am still trying to harness the power of the TRVs , but they can be controlled from the App after making a custom DH. They have some disadvantages, as they are extremely “loud”. They report back every minute, and it cannot be changed suddenly.

So, give it a try, does it connect for you too?

(Col) #44

Just thought I’d throw another Colin into the Drayton Wiser mix :grinning: :+1:

I got this installed and running this morning. Thanks @colc for your hard work in creating it. Are you planning any more changes or is it the finished article?

One thing I’d like to see it the ability to reset all thermostats to the scheduled setpoint - perhaps that should be the incentive I need to learn to program this stuff :slight_smile:

(Colin ) #45

Hi Col (who knew there were so many of us!)

I don’t have any plans for more changes top the app at the moment, primarily (and selfishly!) as I made it for my own use and it does what I need! Having said that I occasionally fix a problem if I come across any and I do have a vague plan to upgrade it to use version 2 of the API which Drayton switched to using recently. I haven’t come across any extra features in their new API but I am worried they might stop supporting V1 at some point and render the app useless. As of yet I haven’t had the chance to look at this but when I do I’ll look into the feature you’d like, I don’t see it being an issue to add.